We always remember the frontier spirit.We always remember the frontier spirit.

For the children in the future and for the beautiful world. We, companies, communities have many things to do now. Especially the painting world is responsible for air pollutions, industrial waste, and Sick Building Syndrome. As many regulations are enacted, we have to be more familiar with this problem.
We Mizutani Paint are actively working on these environmental problems. Each worker work for the products remembering the words "Be friendly with the people and the environment". In 1991, we are permitted to bear the Eco Mark on Water-Based paint which was made to react to the Volatile Organic Compounds Regulation. This was the first in the painting industry. In addition,we have acquired ISO9001, ISO14001, which was the evidence for our concern for environment problems.

Moreover, we have developed the revolutionary paint which comes from the leading edge Nanotechnology. This is developed as a result of industry-university-government cooperation. Consequently, we have vastly cut down the CO2 release and the oil use, though the paint maintains its high quality and function.

We Mizutani Paint have developed the first synthetic resin paint. We also have introduced CCD (Computer Color Matching System) in this industry. Our history has been the history of the pioneer. We will be developing the next paints foreseeing the future of the human beings.